Spring Life CBD Water

Spring Life CBD Water

Nano-Hemp Infused Water (H20)

Infused Artesian Spring Alkaline Water and nanoCBD (Cannabidiol) made from organic hemp.

Spring Life CBD Water delivers the following:

  • Virtually 100% THC Free
  • nanoCBD Benefits
  • High Bioavailability
  • True alkaline water
  • Non-chemical enhanced water
  • Human & Pet friendly

We feel that alkaline water is the best delivery method for nano-CBD. The reason is behind the method and technology to decrease the size of the molecule.

Our nano-technology breaks the cbd down to its molecular level allowing your cells to absorb a larger amount compared to regular CBD.

Combine our nanoCBD with our true alkaline water, this makes the perfect beneficial delivery system for your mind & body.

nanoCBD is 6 times stronger than regular CBD Oil. Our 5mg nano-cbd water is equivalent to 30 mg of regular cbd but with almost 100% bio-availability.

Some promise health benefits starting within 30 seconds. We however cannot promise how fast our product would start working. Every one is different.

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