Who We Are

Spring Life CBD Water provides high-quality cannabidiol products at affordable prices to everyone.

About Spring Life

Our goal is to offer you easy, affordable access to one of the fastest-growing product trends in the world today. CBD is a new opportunity to help you find improved health, wellness, and wellbeing while you get to work with an agency who was at the forefront of cannabidiol culture. Each product contains less than .03% THC, allowing you to pursue your mission and vision in life without interruption.


Our CBD bottled water products, which include an option for private labeling, allow you to take the next step forward on your journey through life. Are you ready to get started?

Our Story

Spring Life CBD Water began as a vision to provide affordable, life-giving solutions to communities in need around the world. Our team firmly believes that when there is a high-quality water resource available, then the ingenuity of humanity can shine bright in every corner of our planet.

When we saw technologies develop that allowed for CBD infusion into bottled water products, our founders knew that this was a step they would need to take. This process began before THC laws were formalized in the U.S. and around the world, so it was a decision that wasn’t without risk.

Doing the right thing doesn’t always mean you get to take the easy way.

Now our CBD water is at the forefront of one of the fastest-growing product lines in the world today. We owe whatever success we have found along the way to those who supported us every step of the way.

Come explore the options that are available to you today so that you can take advantage of the next opportunity that is coming your way. Our CBD water won’t get you high, but life will feel incredible!

Philosophy & Mission

Our philosophy at Spring Life CBD Water is that everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue health and happiness. That means our mission is to provide the highest-quality CBD products at the most competitive price. Whether you buy one bottle, an entire case, or request a quote for a private-label run, you will receive the same approach.

The Future Begins Today

Change can happen quickly if we make it a priority in our lives. If you want to take charge of your health and wellness or provide this opportunity to your community, then now is the time to partner with Spring Life CBD Water.

 The experience of our team becomes your next best asset because of the versatility of our product lines. You can use CBD water for cooking, regular consumption, and even recreational activities.

Our custom-labeling service can help you to provide a unique gift at a corporate event, a reminder of a special day, or the beginning of a new entrepreneurial opportunity. Join us to see what life has in store for you today!


What Our Clients are Saying

 Spring Life CBD Water has been a total game changer not only for Anxiety Issues I was facing but also for my Stamina and Coordination while Boxing. I am able to run longer, punch harder and move faster. My recovery time has also improved tremendously. Thank You Spring Life CBD, for giving me my life back. – Laura C.

Spring Life CBD water is an excellent product! I had a great experience using it for pain so I shared it with my Mom who has a number of ailments and she really enjoyed how for a solid period of time she was free of pain and able to do things! It’s a blessing for people with intractable pain. Try it. – Sami A

I had several bottles in a cooler for my clients on a long day of home searching. They loved it and took several bottles with them when they went home. Great tasting, quality water. – Scott A

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